*While we generally try to keep students with other dancers around their age, we do place by ABILITY and do NOT place anyone in any class solely based on age.*

a. No refunds, transfers or credits at any time for any reason.

b. All tuition payments are due the first week of each month. Payments not received by the 15th of the month are subject to a $15 late fee. Payments not received by the 1st of the following month are subject to a $25 late fee. Students whose accounts are 20+ days past due on tuition or any other fees will sit out of class until the account is brought up to date.

c. Bounced check fee = $25 service charge applied to repayment of bounced check. After one instance of a bounced check, payments will no longer be accepted by personal check- they will be accepted via bank check, money order or cash only. The Fuse does not currently accept credit or debit cards.

a. Registration Fee = $30 per family. Non-refundable and valid for the entire season.
b. Competition Fee = $30 per family with competitive dancers. Non-refundable and valid for the entire season.
c. Music Fee = $10 per student. Non-refundable, covers music rights and professional editing of music for choreography, and valid for entire season.

These discounts are valid if tuition for the season is paid in full by October 31, 2016.

a. Tuition paid in full for the year by check or money order: 8% discount applies.
b. Tuition paid in full for the year by cash: 10% discount applies.
c. FAMILY DISCOUNT: Students in the same family/household may combine their hours of instruction for maximum savings. The family discount does not include the following: Unlimited Program, Solo, Duet/Trio lessons.

Students will be assessed by the director as well as their instructor. After assessment has taken place, the director will place students into the correct level that corresponds with their ability at the time of assessment.

a. Students who miss two or more consecutive weeks of their class(es) are subject to immediate termination.

b. Students and/or parents should provide The Fuse with prompt notice of a pending absence. Emergencies are understandable and notice should be given to The Fuse as soon as the student/parent is soundly able to do so in such a situation.

b. Students are eligible for attendance awards at the end of season show in June. These awards are based on the number of days each student has scheduled classes per week.

BEFORE OR ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2016: If a student no longer wishes to continue their dance education with The Fuse, for any reason whatsoever, The Fuse is not responsible for refunding or transferring any monies already paid in advance securing the dancer’s spot in their class. There are NO exceptions. Parent or any other financially responsible adult will be required to pay half of the remaining tuition for the entire season upon leaving The Fuse, and notice must be provided in writing.

d. ALL competitive students are REQUIRED to attend ALL classes for the entire two weeks leading up to any performance event. There are NO exceptions and any student missing class during this time may be denied performance at that venue.

Absences or Cancellations: Makeup lessons are not given for any missed lessons that are not canceled by the director or instructor. If the lesson IS canceled by the director or instructor, a makeup lesson will be given prior to May of 2017.

Weather Related Cancellations: Should The Fuse have to cancel classes due to weather conditions or any other emergency situation, The Fuse will notify affected students in a timely manner. Dancers should not assume the studio is closed based on any other factors and should wait to hear from a staff member of The Fuse. School closings have no effect on the studio being open or closed.

a. All costumes are made to order and consist of a deposit for each costume (number of costumes will be determined by each dancer’s schedule). The cost of the deposit is $75 for youth sizes and $90 for adult sizes. The size of your child’s costume is not determined by their age, rather by where their individual measurements align with the costume companies’ guidelines.
These deposits are due no later than NOVEMBER 11, 2016. Remaining balances will be due in spring of 2017 (exact date TBA). Costume charges cover the following: costume, accessories, embellishments, and alterations. Students/parents are responsible for the purchase of their own shoes, tights, hair and makeup supplies as directed by their instructor.

a. Throughout the season there are competitions, shows, and other events for competitive students to work toward and develop a sense of self improvement from. If a student has the privilege of being asked to participate in these activities, they must follow the applicable rules:

b. The director reserves the right to decide which students will be chosen to dance on a competition team. You MUST be invited by the director to become part of any competition team. This applies regardless of past experience whether at The Fuse or any other school. Competition is a privilege, not a right. Any student not following the rules of The Fuse Dance Center may be taken off a competition team at any time.

a. There is one required studio-wide picture day in May or June of 2017 (exact date TBA). Students must be in the proper attire (including costume, hair, makeup, tights, shoes, accessories) for their scheduled block of time for each dance. Jim Pavlik photography will be doing the photoshoot and all orders for photos will be taken on that day by Jim Pavlik Photography. Payment is due at the time of order. A specific schedule will be posted prior to picture day for each class and dance routine.

All dancers attending The Fuse Dance Center will follow dress code. All female dancers taking
ballet (all students except adult classes) must have a black leotard, pink convertible tights, pink ballet shoes (canvas preferred), and hair in a proper bun. Male dancers taking ballet must have tight black shorts above the knee and a black tank top.

All dancers in multiple classes including
jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, conditioning, CORE and contemporary are to wear the colors black and/or red only. (preferred color is black) You are able to wear tight form-fitting booty shorts, 1/2 tops, or leotards only. No loose clothing (this includes tank tops) at any times. Hair must be up at all times, buns are preferred. No ponytails, braids, etc. “Messy buns” are also not acceptable as they fall out frequently during class.

All dancers taking
tap are to wear capris or shorts. Tank tops are also permitted, but pants are not as we need to see your feet clearly.

All dancers taking
hip hop, please ‘dress the part’ including CLEAN sneakers! Baggy clothes ARE permitted in hip hop class, and ponytails are acceptable as well.

Solos/Duet/Trios: Please follow the same guidelines as style of dance.

**Any student that shows up unprepared for class will not be able to participate in class until they are dressed in the correct attire/have the correct hair done.**

***Coming Soon:***
We will be implementing a new program via our website that will allow all clients to download important files directly to their computer using a username and password that will be administered upon registration or shortly thereafter!